Additional Hydrovac Services at Tristar Hydrovacs Ltd. in British Columbia

Tristar Hydrovacs Ltd. in British Columbia offers hydrovac services for several industries. Hydrovac is the premier method of non-destructive ground disturbance. The method uses water and vacuum to quickly and reliably blast through soil and rocks to expose pipelines, utilities and electrical systems. 

Additional Services in British Columbia

We operate a wide variety of hydrovac arrangements that can perform all jobs, from trenching to shoring:

  • Oil and gas industry: pipeline trenching Upstream, midstream and distribution services are provided by us for the development of oil and gas pipelines. Our trenching capabilities permit us to reduce traffic congestion, cause negligible disruption to homeowners and enterprises, and successfully integrate different utilities and communication networks into a single trench.

  • Utility sector: piling holes and pole holes Installation of holes is required for poles, signage, posts, and the like. These holes act as a base to support the frame that will be built later. Though conventional piling hole drilling techniques require the use of a backhoe, hydro excavation is capable of doing the job of digging holes in a more precise and quicker way.

  • Communications: slot trenching Slot trenching is a building technique, which requires digging of narrow trenches for the building of underground infrastructures such as pipelines, cables and ducts. Slot trenching can help mount other items, such as signage and posts.

  • Construction: shoring and slot trenching Shoring is the provision of a protection structure for trench sites used to discourage the passage of dirt, underground infrastructure, roads and frameworks. Shoring or shielding is used where sloping back to the highest permissible slope is impossible due to the position or intensity of the cut.

  • Under carriage washing and cleaning Under carriage washing and cleaning falls under industrial cleaning and decommissioning services and includes oil, gas, pulp & paper, shipyard, and mining industries. This also covers high-pressure cleaning, vacuuming, hydro-vac, and chemical cleaning.

  • CCTV pipe inspection services CCTV pipe inspection is a go-to inspection service for locating and analyzing plumbing problems. A CCTV camera is fitted on an IBAK crawler with a cable, which then transmits the high-resolution images to an above-ground computer and displays them for convenient inspection.

  • Line flushing and cleaning Line flushing is performed using highly pressurized water to remove sediment from water lines. It is one of the most effective ways to clean pipes. This cleaning process helps identify the sediment build-up in areas that are often difficult to get to.

Reach out to us today if you’re looking for professionals to perform any of the services mentioned above. We’re available round the clock, throughout the year for your service.

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We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our employees and clients.

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