Reliable Trenching, Daylighting and Excavation in Fort McMurray, Alberta

When you require reliable, non-destructive excavating services, turn to Tristar Hydrovac Ltd. for professional hydrovac excavation in Alberta. Hydro excavation uses high pressured water to loosen the material and an industrial vacuum to collect the debris. Excavation techniques with our high-pressure water system allow us to uncover concealed electrical, gas and service lines. 

Tristar Hydrovacs Ltd. also provides trenching services to excavate narrow trenches. Trenching produces minimum site disruption while providing the highest excavation speed. It is used for the installation of underground cables, fibre optic, gas lines, water lines, and more.

At Tristar Hydrovac Ltd., our trucks enable us to successfully accomplish all trenching and excavation projects efficiently while maintaining safe practices and sustaining an environmentally friendly culture. 

What Is the Process of Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation is a soil/ground excavation technique that uses advanced industrial techniques. As part of hydrovac drilling, a water wand is put into the field that is to be excavated. The earth then loosens when a highly pressurized current of water flows in. The slacking mixture of soil and water is then pulled through a vacuum hose and deposited in a holding tank that is usually connected to the tractor. 

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Why Choose Hydrovac Trenching and Excavation?

Businesses in Canada support hydrovac trenching, and excavation to mechanical trenching and excavation as the pressurized stream of hot water helps in clearing the ice. Since the field of hydrovac excavation is confined to the area of concern, the surrounding land remains unaffected, unlike mechanical excavation. Also, hydrovac is a safer method - excavation can be particularly risky if the right approach is not followed. 

Clean. Safe. Precise.

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